• Date: 2011 Nov 17

Vali Asr (a.j.) Research Institute


The Vali Asr (a.j.) Research Institute was established in 1370 (AH) under Ayatollah Khaz-Ali with responsibility of Hujah al-Islam Sayyed Mohammad Hosseini Qazvini in line with Islamic teachings, particularly in the field of Jurisprudence, Traditionalists and Tradition.

This site has been grouped into various Islamic subjects, which are as follows:

- Articles: consisting of 125 Islamic topics

- Speeches: consisting of 206 speeches about the household of the Prophet (a.s.)

- Published works: introducing 23 published books

- Software products: introducing and selling 14 Islamic software

- Reply: answering to 280 Islamic questions

- Debates: consisting of 12 Islamic debates

- Wahhabi Fitna: consisting of 109 topics about Wahhabites

- News Archive: consisting of thousands Islamic news

- Top Pictures: linking to 78 best sites

- Gallery: consisting of 196 Islamic pictures

- Coincides Figh: consisting of 81 topics about contemporary Islamic Jurisprudence

- Network I: consisting of 105 Islamic topics in which you can listen to them and also download them.

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